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Please note that we no longer work on Dishwashers, Samsung or LG Appliances.

Business Hours - Monday thru Friday - 9AM - 5PM

(Please allow at least 24 hours for appointment requests - available Monday - Friday)

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1) Please note that we no longer work on Samsung or LG Appliances.
2) Please allow 24 business hours for appointment requests.


Repairs based on some common symptoms are below:

Washer:Won't spin, spins slow, other spin problems, won't drain, won't fill, leaks oil, lid switch problem, agitator won't turn, won't agitate, overflows, no power, timer problems, bad belt, pump replacement, motor coupler replacement - direct drive.

Dryer: Won't turn, drum won't turn, won't heat, clothes don't dry, makes noise, no power, bad belt, belt replacement, bad rollers, bad pulley, replace pulley.

Frosts up, won't defrost, ices up, other defrost problems, makes noise, won't cool, leaks water, won't run, fan won't turn, evaporator fan or condensor fan replacement.

Stove and Oven: Won't light, won't heat, burned elements, won't ignite, ingnitor problems, ingitor replacement, burner won't light, replace burner, element replacement.

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